Who I Am

In a nutshell:

I was born and raised in Sorel, Quebec.

I now reside in Toronto, after having lived and worked in Montreal, Paris, Mexico City and Los Angeles for 11 years.

Acting and voice-overs are my specialties.

The long story:

I was fortunate to be born into a creative environment both my parents being artists, my father is an architect and my mother a painter.

My desire to act stemmed from a desire to connect and to communicate, to love and be loved, to prove to myself my own existence. It took me through a personal and professional journey across North America. I lived and worked in Montreal for 5 years, Paris for 3 months, Toronto for 10 years, Los Angeles for 11 years and Mexico City for almost a year.

In LA, I survived the floods, the fires, the riots following Rodney King’s arrest, the 1994 earthquake, being mugged at knifepoint and a near-miss plane crash. While working in Mexico City I experienced another earthquake, as well as many episodes of Montezuma’s revenge...

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, they say... I’m no Hulk yet, but I feel pretty darn good.

After a successful start in Montreal in the early 80’s where I was in many “téléromans” and many TV commercials, I moved to Toronto to learn English. While doing so I became a successful French voice over performer. I stayed in Toronto for 4 years while always keeping my sights on Los Angeles.

I finally moved there after obtaining my work visa and then my green card. I ended up staying 11 years.

While in LA, I had the privilege to work with Wim Wenders, Jeremy Levin and Kevin Costner among others. After many English speech classes I got a gig in Days Of Our Lives for 5 months ironically playing a French maid! After turning down leads in B movies though I needed the work I got a small part in Sea Quest DSV. Later on, I got a lead in 160 episodes of a telenovella The Shadow shot in Mexico City, where I portrayed a psychiatrist. The cast and I thought that this would be our big break but it only aired in Texas and in San Diego, nevertheless, it was a fabulous acting experience and I loved Mexico, its people and its colours. I still do!

I revoiced Donna Anna in English in Don Juan De Marco opposite Johnny Depp. I did 2 episodes of Jonny Quest and worked with the adorable George Segal.

Not only did I record many CD-ROMs both in French and in English but I also directed many voice over sessions in Parisian French including CD-ROMs for Xena Warrior Princess and Superman.

Though always challenging, LA was great for other reasons. I loved the pottery classes I took for 5 years at the Barnsdall Art Center in Hollywood, a building built by Frank Lloyd Wright (I sold my pottery at Gasp on Fairfax and some of my work was exhibited at Barnsdall). I learned how to make jewellery, how to stretch and practice yoga with Steve Ross, Bryan Kest and Baron Baptiste and how to breathe deep with Guru Singh. I loved hiking in the nearby hills and swimming in the Ocean where I could sometimes see dolphins riding the waves of the Pacific.

The impending death of a dear friend from AIDS brought me back to Toronto in May 2000. I spent a few months grieving.

For the following year and a half, I commuted regularly between Toronto and LA. At some point someone asked me if I was happy in Toronto, which made me realize that indeed I was. I became aware that no matter how many palm trees surrounded me, being appreciated for my work mattered to me more. For Christmas 2001, I went back to LA to close shop.

In spite of its difficulties, life is sometimes full of surprises! Soon after my decision to come back I landed a meaty role in the first ever Franco-Ontarian TV series, Francoeur. I was cast on its second year and it went on for 3 years for me! Imagine my joy. I portrayed Bérengère Laliberté, a wonderful and complex character created by Guy Boutin. I loved it! It was delightful also to work with Ken Finkelman in At The Hotel. Then, I got another lead role in Pointe Aux Chimères produced again by Les Productions Charbonneau and directed by the very talented Martin Cadotte.

In May 2007, I worked in Montreal with the enthusiastic Stephane Lapointe in Tout Sur Moi written by Stephane Bourguignon where I portrayed a very possessive and frustrated nurse in love with her employer, a handsome plastic surgeon. Tout Sur Moi aired on Radio-Canada.

This year I starred in a short where I had to dance, in All That Gitters. I got murdered rencently in Strangers In My Home. It’s amazing what they can do with fake blood! And I got the scare of my character’s life in Série Noire directed by Jean-François Rivard. I really love my job!

And I also love adventures! So a few years ago I decided I would see the world, go to places I always wanted to see. In the winter of 2009, I traveled through India. I saw New Delhi, Rajasthan and its treasures, Mumbai, and came back inspired by all these contrasts.

In 2010, I traveled through Vietnam, from Halong Bay, to Hanoi and Hoi An, to Ho Chi Minh city and its tunnels... By bus I crossed the border to Cambodia and visited Phnom Penh and its genocide museum... Sheer horror, and yet the Cambodians are such sweet people. Then I traveled by bus again to Siem Reap and was enchanted by the splendors of Angkor Wat.

There I met a tuk-tuk driver, who wanted to build a school for disadvantage children. My friends and I sent some money to help.

In the last few years I went back to Thailand twice and visited again Cambodia and last year I explored Myanmar. Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay.

My dream would be filming while traveling the world!